St. Paul's Vestry

The vestry members at St. Paul's are dedicated to the community and serve three years terms. These positions are elected and are permitted to run for two consecutive terms if they feel called. 
These volunteers are crucial in honoring traditions while authorizing innovative opportunities within the St. Paul's Church parish and the greater New Albany community. 

Vestry members

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Greg Phipps

Sr. Warden

Jim Schroeder

Jr. Warden

Diane Schroeder

*Non-voting member

Cindy Wood

Secretary Clerk
*Non-voting member

Jackie Amend

Class of 2022

David Campbell

Class of 2022

Jami Dailey

Class of 2021
*Partial Term

Pam Downs

Class of 2020

Jim Hodge

Class of 2021

James Verdouw

Class of 2022

Rob Wood

Class of 2021

*Building and Grounds Committee Chair